I remember being a kid and looking at the boats at McKinley Marina in Milwaukee. When I was 8 years old my parents signed me up for sailing lessons at the Milwaukee Yacht Club. At the time my Dad enjoyed fishing and we had an old Chris Craft that wed fish from. Little did I know that sailing would play such an important role in my life. I learned so much from sailing over the years. Most importantly, that you constantly have to adjust to the weather and conditions around you. Sailing is one of those sports that builds great teams and offers tons of lessons.


Over the years, Ive tried to sail as many boats as possible. Its amazing how every boat is different. They each have their own character.


My first boat was a C-Lark, a 14 sloop built by the Clark Boat Company. I used to love sailing this boat solo. I also owned a Laser that I raced until college.


My first keel boat was a Gary Mull Mini-Ton. This boat was a lot of fun as we raced this boat quite a lot on Lake Michigan. Then I bought a J-22, Special F/X, that had a scaffold truss mast. We hauled this boat to several MORC regattas and did quite well in our local fleet racing.


The first Sailor Bandido was a Mirage 338 built by Ken Fickett of Mirage Manufacturing. This boat was a great all-around boat. This boat was always a top finisher in every event we entered. The second Sailor Bandido is a Quest 33 built by Barrett Holby at Holby Marine. This Rodger Martin design is an exceptional boat. One of the great characteristics of this boat is how quiet it is going through the water. The boat just has great lines going through the water.


The J-80 was the first Hijo Del Bandido series boats, which is now a Donovan GP26. This is a fantastic boat. Super fast for its size, and very simple.


We also are campaigning a Lightning, Mabilis (USA 15330). And a rebuilt 50 year old MC Scow, the Phoenix (MC #099).


Sailing Background

Text Box: Sailing is one of those sports that builds great teams and offers tons of lessons.

Captain, Chris Palabrica